There’s nothing like…

The smell of paint.

My whole house reeks right now. So bad. All because it’s been repainted and whatnot, for Chinese New Year. Which is pretty cool and all, but…. mehhh.

I can’t wait for Chinese New Year to roll around, but I’m kinda depressed. Mostly cos I can’t collect ANYTHING. It’s not even funny. School starts on the 30th for me, so I can’t do anything but go back before- plus I’ve got UMAT lectures to attend on the 24th, which suckkssss balls. I hate this.

But, on the bright side, I guess I get to spend it with cousins in Australia. That IS pretty fun, and that’s what I did last year. AND the brother’s actually gonna be there this time, soooo that should be a lot of fun. We’ll see how it goes.

Red packets are the highlight of any new year, aren’t they?

OOH speaking of money, I need to start up a proper bank account in Australia. Kind of ridiculous that I don’t have one, but that’s mostly cos I have nothing to put in it most of the time :3. Soooo that’s gonna be on the main list of things to do once I get back.

I kinda… can’t wait to go back, and kinda sad to, as well. I won’t see Malaysia for at least another 10 months, and it’s honestly, pretty great here. The house, the ambience. It’s a happy place.

It’s allright- the next time I get back, I’ll be DONE WITH VCE FOREVA. And it will be totally awesome- and my mum promised me that I could start learning how to drive when I come back, so that should be a lotta fun. Good experience, and all. 😀


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