Arrival.. and Your Name

[EDIT: I actually wrote this yesterday… Which is why the timeline is a little off but that’s it :p]

Hello! Here I am again, after a long month of exams. Here, I think I’ll try to blog periodically again, if that’s even possible hahaha T.T. No harm in trying though, ay?

Yesterday, I watched the movie Arrival, and it completely blew my mind, and I just felt this urge to just write about it, just because it was so phenomenal to me. Granted, I was a little tipsy from post-exam drinking, but I really didn’t expect it to be as fantastic as I found it to be. I don’t know- because it was sort of a last minute thing, and I’d just checked out the one trailer a few days ago, I kind of just blew it off to be just another sci-fi movie with aliens. But oh, was I wrong. It completely exceeded my expectations, made me cry, made me think about life differently and I just thought it was so beautiful as I watched it.  (If you haven’t watched it, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE. GO WATCH IT) I actually recommend watching it with no expectations, and watching minimal trailers that reveal what the story is actually about. GO WATCH IT.

This next bit is going to be spoiler-y, so watch out! I just want to be able to talk about the movie wholeheartedly without any holding back.. so don’t say I didn’t warn youuuuu 😛

Professor Louise Banks: ‘Now that’s a proper introduction.’

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Aloha, Long time no Write!

Tis been a while since the last post… and most of you have likely forgotten that this blog even exists 😉

Lots has happened since the last post, and also not much? Strange, eh. I’m in SLQ right now, supposed to be studying radiology and pathology associated with the mouth… but yeah. It’s pretty dull material so I’m just pacing through it slowly. Ironically, there is less to study for than last semester? Probably shouldn’t jinx it, though. It’s probably gonna be a shitstorm later on in the year. Gg ples don’t let me fail second year.

I actually visited Melbourne this past July… but only for a week. And I’m a little sad, because I was too much of a chicken to call anyone out. It’s not a good excuse… but yeah. I felt like I’m in no way that close to the people I once was close with in Melbourne, so it would be better if I just quietly explored and enjoyed all the haunts I used to go to. Strangely enough, I did spot some odd classmates here and there, but didn’t wave hi. #chicken lol. I guess sitting here in a different State Library has made me nostalgic for the times that once was Melbourne. Continue reading

Take a trip, to my House

Listening to this, while studying for an exam- prime, all-hype fun times. #justthatdentlife

P.s. don’t actually take a trip to my house, it’s messy as FUCKKKKKKKKKKK you have no idea. It seems to get messier the more stressed I am, funny how that is, huh? 😛


So tired.

Just been spending days doing homework, and staying up at ridiculous hours, like 2am. LOL not sure why I keep doing that, I know it’s unhealthy.

I joke, OF COURSE I know why, hahaa. Uni life too hectic. It’s crazy, the amount of work we get. You finish one and there’s literally two more waving at you in the distance, beckoning you to succumb to a one night stand with them. Fucking assignments ;).

…did you get my pun, ples get my pun. “fucking” “ass-ignments”, “one-night stands”? Sexual innuendo with me, pls.

Gonna cry in a corner, not punny anymore.

But yes, short rant on my life. I’m just editing my prac report right now, at the beautiful hour of 1am. I can’t wait, considering i have a 9am class. Whoopeedoodledoo.

Sometimes I think when I’m tired, I have the tendency to say slightly mean things, but I don’t know. Please don’t get hurt if I’m really insensitive- I’m sorry. I really don’t mean it. I KNOW it’s not that bad, but sometimes I’ll say something mean by accident that I cringe at when I’m at home in the shower, but it’s not mean enough to address the next day at school and say sorry about? Because that’s really awkward and you’ll probably won’t remember it, you just have a subconscious bad impression of me.

Ples don’t hate me, I really love all of you. ❤

Aight, that’s it- my friends. I will speaks to you guys again soon.

Happy Wednesday :).

Life, as Tuzki T.T

Studying, UGH.


I feel so much like Tuzki right now, you have no idea. I’m tempted to buy a Tuzki hoodie from Amazon, just because I relate so well to him. Literally 50% of the Tuzki stickers you can find on Facebook Messenger is how I feel right now, no lie.

Seriously, though I don’t understand how in uni, we do stupid things like play with playdoh-


But end up with like, this SHITLOAD of work, i swear. I don’t understandddddsdd life.

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Wicked, Parties and K-Mart

So far, this Easter has been crazy! Legitimately, I have done quite a lot of stuff in these past three days, though these might slow down a bit, ahah.

Firstly, I went to a party! Like, a birthday party, but a crazyyyyyyyy one. There was drinking, and other stuff- and it was kind of wild, but whatever. It was mostly dentistry kids, so I decided to go; and we ended up playing card games all night… but with drinking. We played Big 2, Animals, Spoons, Slapjack, Spit and so many other games, you have no idea. And the penalty was to drink a shot, so um. I got, just a TEENSY WEENSY bit drunk, because I lost a few times. #guilty #underage

Also, I realised that when I get kind of drunk, I start to swear like CRAZY. I mean, I swear a lot as it is, but when I get some alcohol, I just. Throw them out there, like whoaaaaa.

can't stop

And the day after, I went to the library (out of guilt, maybe) to do some studying- for that BIO AND PUBLIC HEALTH MATE. That bio life, killing me everyday. We have to do this group work thing, where we just have to find articles and chug out a really solid presentation and essay type thing, so we just did that- got our topic KIND OF approved, so that’s good. WE’RE ALL SET TO CONTINUE, WHOOPEE. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE AND GENETICS, WHOO.

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Whatever fancies your Schmancies.

Hhahahahahahhahha, I went AWOL AGAIN.

You know what, the next time I go AWOL again, I’m just not gonna address it. Fuck that shit. HASHTAGYOLO

Hmmmmmmm so, what has been going down recently?

My high school friend and I (hello thomassss) basically had a movie session where he came to my house and we watched Big Hero 6, fun times.

EXCEPT HE WAS SICK, LIKE OMG. And I think after he left there were all these pathogens stuck to my furniture and toys and stuff, but THANK THE LORD I didn’t get sick. I must have some sickkkk immune system.

Or maybe it was all the immunizationsssss, hmm.


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Happy pi day! :D

It’s March the 14th…. and it’s PI DAY WHOOT. Let us celebrate one of the coolest numbers in the universe- and here is a picture of some apple pie to top it all off 😉


Also, in the spirit of the occasion, I will promise to learn more digits of pi today than ever before. Hope you have a good pie day too! ❤