Eh, wat

Today was interesting.

Okay, first- let me start off chronologically.

When I woke up this morning, I was basically half naked in my bed because. Uhm. It’s more comfortable that way, and I’ve grown attached to sleeping that way. Is… is this weird to reveal on the internet? Probably. Probably should not be posting this online. Eh,


Anyway, I was innocently sleeping when I heard a couple of knocks and this guy said “FIRE ALARM CHECK”. In my groggy, half awake state I remember saying “Yeah?” NOT AS AN INVITATION TO COME INSIDE, but as… I don’t know. A polite way of saying- “Yes, I’m up now please get the freak away for at LEAST 10 minutes”


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LIFE UPDATE, bleurghh

I’m lesbian.

Nahp. Just kidding. I moved to Brisbane, heh.

It’s been pretty hectic these past few days, just a shit ton of packing and getting intimate with all the bus routes in this place (which my sister helped SO MUCH X20000000 BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD FOR LIFE)

And the weather OMFG. IT’S LIKE. Blazing heat from the depths of Hades’ ass, combined with a cyclone of rain from God knows where.

I’m not actually kidding, there was a cyclone called Marcia which was kinda far away from Brisbane, but was a pretty major thing in Queensland- which kind of freaked me out a bit T.T but it didn’t affect Brisbane too badly- other than the crazy rain.

Ah, and I had so much shit to bring in from Malaysia you have NO IDEA. My sister, my mother and I brought in not 5, not 6 but freaking THIRTEEN BAGS from Malaysia. THIRTEEN. Srs, I did not know I had that much shit. They’re not even small bags- they’re like the hefty kind which are NO JOKE.

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Yoohoo, Big Summer Blowout

Okay so yesterday, my parents had a house party whatnot.:D


Which is quite a momentous occasion, seeing as my mum’s a bit of a neat freak and 40 people tramping all over our home is not something she’s accustomed to doing very often. Still, it was nice seeing all my dad’s employees and seeing some of the faces behind the company I know NOTHING about, quite literally.

Ah, also I managed to escape the horror of playing the piano for everyone, as my father would have liked. Now see, though most houses have a piano and some might argue it is quite easy to avoid playing it, my mother invested in a grand piano at a very young age and now it’s like a “showpiece” of sorts- where people often ask for a demonstration of the lovely instrument. Like… srs bro?


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Bleurgh unicorns

So, I was just clearing out some books today, to make some space on my bookshelves for some new ones.

And I realised- that I have an exorbitant amount of unicorn books in my possession. I don’t even know how that happened, but yeah. Turns out I had about 25-30 children’s books- on unicorns and magical horses alone.


I decided to donate them to my mother’s kindergarden because well…. she forced me to. Not really. Though I did have an emotional attachment to those books; and I did kind of read them when I wanted something REALLY, EXTRA brainless to guzzle. But eh, I suppose it’s better that they are a chapter put behind in my life. Time to move on to smaller fonted, pictureless books with difficult words…. *sigh*

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No Thumbs Pls

Ellen is Queen.

Since I have no life and am so bored nowadays, I usually while away my times watching Ellen- this skit in particular. This is currently my favourite one, holy shit- it’s her David Beckham hidden camera one and it makes me giggle every time. WATCH IT, if you haven’t, or watch it again- because Ellen (and David Beckham) are always worth your time. :P


Gold is not enough ;)

Really getting into more electronic-y, house-y, but chill-type songs lately.


Gold is not enough, though? Dangggg, you greedy mofo.

But yes. Turns out I’m not going to Singapore anymore, but that’s okay. Grandma and Sister’s still coming over soon, and we have a Mahjong set here so it’s GETTING ON.


Though I will probably lose all my money to my Grandmother. Holy shit that woman can play.

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Offers and… glasses?

I’m happyy, whoo.

I got an unexpected email today- got the Adelaide dentistry second round offer!

I mean, when the first round offers were released on 15th, and I didn’t get an email from Adelaide, I WAS a little disappointed. After all, I had studied relatively hard for the interview, I even bought nice clothes to look presentable, and when it didn’t come through I was a little sad- though I focussed on the good part of that day, which was that I got accepted to Queensland.

And the thing is, I’ll still be going to Queensland :). But I feel like this Adelaide acceptance- despite it being second round, and despite it being my second preference, is still the most satisfying acceptance letter I got just because I went through that much more effort to fly interstate, and prepare for the interview in comparison to my other offers. So yeah, I’m contented today- even more so than I was yesterday, even though I left Melbourne. :'(

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