Wicked, Parties and K-Mart

So far, this Easter has been crazy! Legitimately, I have done quite a lot of stuff in these past three days, though these might slow down a bit, ahah.

Firstly, I went to a party! Like, a birthday party, but a crazyyyyyyyy one. There was drinking, and other stuff- and it was kind of wild, but whatever. It was mostly dentistry kids, so I decided to go; and we ended up playing card games all night… but with drinking. We played Big 2, Animals, Spoons, Slapjack, Spit and so many other games, you have no idea. And the penalty was to drink a shot, so um. I got, just a TEENSY WEENSY bit drunk, because I lost a few times. #guilty #underage

Also, I realised that when I get kind of drunk, I start to swear like CRAZY. I mean, I swear a lot as it is, but when I get some alcohol, I just. Throw them out there, like whoaaaaa.

can't stop

And the day after, I went to the library (out of guilt, maybe) to do some studying- for that BIO AND PUBLIC HEALTH MATE. That bio life, killing me everyday. We have to do this group work thing, where we just have to find articles and chug out a really solid presentation and essay type thing, so we just did that- got our topic KIND OF approved, so that’s good. WE’RE ALL SET TO CONTINUE, WHOOPEE. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE AND GENETICS, WHOO.

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Whatever fancies your Schmancies.

Hhahahahahahhahha, I went AWOL AGAIN.

You know what, the next time I go AWOL again, I’m just not gonna address it. Fuck that shit. HASHTAGYOLO

Hmmmmmmm so, what has been going down recently?

My high school friend and I (hello thomassss) basically had a movie session where he came to my house and we watched Big Hero 6, fun times.

EXCEPT HE WAS SICK, LIKE OMG. And I think after he left there were all these pathogens stuck to my furniture and toys and stuff, but THANK THE LORD I didn’t get sick. I must have some sickkkk immune system.

Or maybe it was all the immunizationsssss, hmm.


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Happy pi day! :D

It’s March the 14th…. and it’s PI DAY WHOOT. Let us celebrate one of the coolest numbers in the universe- and here is a picture of some apple pie to top it all off ;)


Also, in the spirit of the occasion, I will promise to learn more digits of pi today than ever before. Hope you have a good pie day too! <3

I’m Chinese, and I can whisper.

Hahaha, it’s the weekend! Whoohoo, which means that there’s just ever so much more time to do work. Boooooooooooooooooo you whore, PUBH1103. Why so much reading, Jesus.


On Thursday, all the First Years got to go to the actual clinics with patients, and we got to play a little bit with all the dental chairs, and learn all the dos and don’ts of clinic time. It was cool, figuring out how to recline a patient in a chair, and I’m telling you- the chairs at our uni have a MASSAGE FUNCTION, wtf. Not kidding, srs. (You guys should come to UQ’s Oral Health Centre to get your dental appointments because we have MASSAGE FUNCTIONS in our dental chairs wtf.)

Yesterday, we only had one Practical/Lab session in the morning, because our tutorial was cancelled, whoooooo. Because everyone finished the allocated work earlier during the week, so we got off early on Friday meheheheh ;)

fun fun fun

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Continuing that DENTLIFE, so far.

Damn, textbooks are freakinggggggg expensive.

I bought ONE today. ONE. And when I saw the price tag I was like.


Like 120 bucks, srs? And I thought all the other stuff was bad. Plus, I heard that other textbooks could be more expensive, so I think I’m just doomed to a fate of being penniless for all my life here.

The stuff I DO love about uni is that there’s nearly always free food of some sort. Usually once every two weeks, you’re gonna get SOME deal, or SOME type of free food. But then again, I’ve only been in uni for like. What. BARELY two weeks, so I can’t really say that THAT’s the trend of things, you know? I’ll have to wait a while longer to see how it goes.

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Bioo, again

I can’t even.

I seriously thought I was done, I mean wtf. There should be a limit on how much bio you do in one lifetime. Seriously.

Luckily, (or is it) the stuff we’re covering so far has been a revision of Year 12 Bio. Which is good because it’s easier to pick up than the first time, but it’s bad because. Well. Bio was a nightmare to study for, even though I loved it so much. We’ll see how my dynamic with the subject goes this year.;)

AND WE HAVE TOAD ANATOMY TOMORROW.  Funnily enough, I never got the opportunity to dissect anything until now, so I’m quite excited to touch slimy things and cut into stuff.


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Pet Peeves

I wanna name my next dog “Peeves” so he can be my pet peeve.

*raises hands in guilt* If you heard that before………. I stole it off the Internet somewhere. (Whatever, I don’t care. #rebellife)

Okay, I just realised that in my one solid, sporadic year of blogging, that I have never properly addressed my pet peeves, and that is something I think I need to share at some point with the world, hahahhhhhhh. Might even have to make an updated version, at some point in the future. Jesus.

Let’s do this in order- as we should attack all things in life.

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Eh, wat

Today was interesting.

Okay, first- let me start off chronologically.

When I woke up this morning, I was basically half naked in my bed because. Uhm. It’s more comfortable that way, and I’ve grown attached to sleeping that way. Is… is this weird to reveal on the internet? Probably. Probably should not be posting this online. Eh,


Anyway, I was innocently sleeping when I heard a couple of knocks and this guy said “FIRE ALARM CHECK”. In my groggy, half awake state I remember saying “Yeah?” NOT AS AN INVITATION TO COME INSIDE, but as… I don’t know. A polite way of saying- “Yes, I’m up now please get the freak away for at LEAST 10 minutes”


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