I was gonna make a joke about anal sex butt fuck it.

So not stolen off tumblr. Well, off the Facebook page FOR tumblr, because I don’t have a Tumblr. SHOCK HORROR WHAT SLIT YOUR WRISTS.

You know, my Methods teacher actually said that. I’m quoting her practically word for word: “you should just slit your wrists if you don’t know how to find the domain”. And ever since then, when she’s like. YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DRAW THIS GRAPH LABEL THIS BLAH MATRIX DETERMINANT BLAH, we’ve just been making shaking our heads at each other and going, “Time to slit dem wrists.”

Oh dear, that’s kind of sadistic actually. Shouldn’t do that. Should stop. Will stop. Next term.


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I organized a threesome last night. There were a couple of no-shows, but I still had fun.

Holaaaaa, korean hotpot.

LOL I have this aunt who doesn’t remember her actual birthday, but celebrates her Chinese one, which is pree cool. I actually didn’t know about that until today, so GG. Hah, yeah.

Finally finishing my English essay, but it isn’t great. I’m sure the English geeks in my class have pulled some kind of Shakespearean voodoo out of their English hats, but I’m just sitting here with my FOB ass, fisherman Chinese hat struggling to weave them magic words into me essay. Oh, the troubles of life. I wish I could like, have my own unicorn slave that could magically conjure up these fantastic essays on command. Oh, that would be nice. My birthday’s coming soon. I DEMAND THIS, PLS.

What? I don’t care if their limited edition. I WANT ONE NAO.

Or, you could just be nice to me and read my blog. Whichever you want. <3

Yeah, now I don’t even know. I’m addicted to Coldplay’s Clocks right now, bajeesus.

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Copper Knickers

Doing my English thing so late at night, but my tummy hurts :’(. So I’m gonna sleep soon. I’m doing like this Galileo thing, where he revolutionises the idea of the Earth going around the Sun, BUT FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE COPPER KNICKERS DUDE. (His name is actually Copernicus, but. Yeah. I’m sorry, I’m defiling your name. BUT I’M WATCHING DOCUMENTARIES ON YOU AT 12.00 AT NIGHT WHEN I COULD BE WATCHING THE NEW GAME OF THRONES DAMN YOU. DAMN YOU AND YOUR COPPER NICKERS.)

Hah, Copper Knickers and Copper Nickers mean like, two different things. You could be WEARING copper knickers, or you could be like, “nicking” copper. GEDDIT. GEDDIT MUHAHAHAHAHA.

Ah damn it, I need sleep. But I decided that I should blog, so yeah. AHERHER. Gonna have to deal with me.

Yeah, so. Yeah. I’m not doing anything too much this hols- and LOL OMG. Hahahah, I’m just watching David So right now. Too funny. How does he come up with these metaphors OMG. He’s like: “When I was younger, my parents made me finish my plate. Well guess what? Now that I’m older, when you’re full, did YOU KNOW, THAT YOU COULD STOP?  I KNOW RIGHT? I didn’t know that either. So when my friend told me that when he stops being hungry, he stops eating and I was like whatttt? I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU STOP EATING WHEN YOU STOP BEING HUNGRY.”

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War doesn’t determine who is right. Just who is left.

DAT DEEP QUOTE OMG. Hah, so true, yes? Should be the new thing, God. Daylight saving!


Well, just scrolling through JKnews. Productive go bye bye, LOL.

Yayyyy, no Eng Lang tutor for two weeks! Which… I’m quite sad about. I actually quite enjoy EngLang tutor :’(. Ah yeah. Randomly watching Rebecca Black videos now. DID YOU KNOW. That she started her own Youtube channel? AND SHE’S LIKE. So much cooler than before, LOL. I quite like her. Subscribed to her.


I need to get a new phone. AHHH, which phone, which phone. IDK WHAT TO DO :’(.

It’s almost 12, I need to get a post out in eight minutes! The pressure, the pressure. So immense.

Yeah, because I can’t think of anything to say, I’ll leave you for now. Toodaloooooo.

AND I just realised that this post is coming out after 12. NOOOOO TOO LATE. COME BACK 6th OF APRIL.