Hello againnnnnn



I’ve just been having way too much coffee recently, because I’ve had all these ridiculous lectures that go on for 8 hours. And Specialist. Friends. Specialist. It’s ridiculous that you want me to sit there for 8 hours- you want me to remind me of the stupid math I failed to absorb this past year? And pay money for it? Really?


Today I’m off to English! Yay, fun times. I honestly enjoy the English lectures, they provide a lot of insight into the exam for me. So yeah, thumbs up to English!

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Sooo. Just got home from school, and am procrastinating again heheh. Had last session off, because my teacher’s away today, soo whooooooooooo.

I decided to walk home because I am greatly unfit, HAHAHA. It’s pretty nice, walking. Possibly a venture I might consider again in the future.

And then of course, to reward my hard work, I went to Emporium (Rice Workshop) and got myself another one of these:


You can see my foot there, in the picture hehehehehehehehehehe. And yeah. OH BTW, idk if I’ve already mentioned this, but I heard from friends (and read on another friend’s blog ;)) that they have this shop in Chinatown, with the same twoooo dorrar soft serve, though I haven’t been to that one. SO TRY IT, IF YOU WANT. They have really good food too. :) Continue reading

Beats, free food and minion yogurt

Okay, so…

I feel like such a bad person because I haven’t blogged in two billion years, but I SWEAR, on Wednesday, I had this perfect blog post. All I had to do was categorise it, add tags and post it but NOOO WORDPRESS HAD TO DELETE IT. So yeah. Basically my life sucks.

Anyway, what happened since last post was basically, I got these new sexy headphones mueheheheheh




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Fart, fart. Farpity fart.

Been slacking off lately. At leastzz, in terms of this blog. And I’m running out of titles, Goddamn it. Nowadays, I just put whatever comes to mind first.

I guess, it’s cos, I’ve been kinda not having any English essays. You know, those fun things that make me come on here and rant for no reason. And make me have good title inspirations. Whoooooooopee.

So yeah, just been kicking back, throwing rocks at people from my 22nd floor apartment (LOLJOKES, NO, I DON’T DO THAT, AND YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER.)

Hm. Maybe something less concussion enducing, such as, idk. Dollar notes. Oh, man. One day, I’d love to be rich enough to like. Throw dollar notes out my apartment with a loudspeaker just yelling “MAKING IT RAIN BITCHEZ, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR SOCIETY HUH, BET YOU’RE NOT AS COOL AS ME. SUCKERS.”

Ah, imagine the wonders that would do to my ego. I can just see it now. In the distant futurez.

Oh, and I went to Coles before tutor the other day, AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND. MINION YOGURT.
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Nothing like a pair of new socks, mmm.


Thank you, cousin who came back from Korea! Muchos gracias and love hehhhh.

There’s nothing like seeing your phone light up and thinking that you have a Facebook notification or a message, when it’s just a message from the phone company saying you have almost no data left for the month :(.

There’s nothing like having gelato late at night, knowing that you’re gonna regret it later. Mmmm. Especially when it’s durian freaking gelato. I mean, come on, friends. And green tea. Full on asian persuasion.


I actually had all this stuff like a week ago, but I’m too lazy to just write a new one and leave this thing in my drafts, so DEAL WITH IT biatches.

Oh. And I almost forgot. THERE’S NOTHING LIKE HAVING A BAJILLION SACS AND EXAMS NEXT WEEK. Okay I swear never to rub this in your face again. Pinky swear. Continue reading


Nobody reading this blog can tell me that they’ve never had a bad day.

There are definitely those days, where life just seems like it can’t suck any more than it already does.

Your friends say something mean offhandedly, your teacher mentions something that just grazes you the wrong way, your boss shoots a stern word your way, you try to help someone and it just… hurts you back instead, you find out you have a bajillion things you have to do next week that might affect your future career if you muck up- and then you just get sad, the day just flops and never gets better.

No one comforts you because they don’t know what the hell’s wrong with you. And you can’t really see them caring in the future anyway. Plus, you’ve held it in for so long that maybe you’ve had enough. You’re tired of all the little things that have made you miserable. And you don’t give two fucks anymore. And sometimes you wish you could start over new, somewhere else.

I MAY or may not be having one of those days today- or maybe my period’s just coming. Heh. I always get emotional at the end of the month. Continue reading