Being Nice

Heheheh, I just helped a nice lady today- she was looking for a nice book to fill up with names and addresses and I pointed her in the direction of a really nice shop which sells pretty nice books like that- which she was pretty thankful for.

Idk, I just feel good when I help someone, even when it’s such a small thing. I mean, you SHOULD practice being nice to the point where it’s second nature, but I haven’t gotten to that yet heheh. It’s okay, I will keep practicing and it will be good one day. :)




My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hunnnnnnn.

Hehehe you guys should try out La Porchetta- it was pretty good, from what I had today with my friends for another couple friends’ birthdays. Definitely worth a regoing!

VCE Troublesss


Five down, one to go!

I think I messed up my chem majorly badly :////////. Mehhhh, it’s okay, 5th subject right? (cue nervous, hysterical laughing)

Omg, I hope everything turns out okay. I’m having like a super belated, extra late breakdown right now- aher.herher. Not only about EngLang, but all the VCE subjects I’ve done. Ahhhh, I don’t even know.

It’s okay, freedom is less than 24 hours away (at least for me) we’ll all be okay. I pinky swear this. Unless you already finished, then whatever. But if your last exam is EngLang/second language/etc- don’t worry. We’ll all be fine… Right? It’ll be over soon. (nervous crying laughing breakdown)

Ahhhhhhhh I don’t know what I’m gonna do when this is all over. VCE, A levels, IB, THEY ALL AGE YOU, I swear. We should be allowed to enjoy this Halloween season, right? Why do they do this to us?