I go to seek a Great Perhaps.

Decided to throw in a little John Green there. It’s “Looking for Alaska”, if you’re curious. Can’t have pickup lines every day; it ruins you. Makes you a dirty little bastard. Not healthy for the mind man. Not at all.

Ah that book though. SO GOOD. JOHN GREEN IS A MINDFUCKING MAGIC WEAVING LITERARY UNICORN SENT ONTO EARTH TO GRACE US WITH HIS GENIUS. Legitimately. I demolished “Looking for Alaska” in one sitting, not even exaggerating. Hiding under the blankets with my phone brightness turned WAY DOWN LOW and read it til 4 a.m. in the morning.

LOL FUNNY THING WAS. My mum was like, in the morning: “…did you sleep late?” And with crust in my eyes, a pounding hangover type thing and an aching neck that comes when you do ANYTHING that involves a small screen late at night under your blankets lying sideways, I said: “I slept early.” and then proceeded to take another hour’s sleep. I wasn’t technically lying, I mean. I slept EARLY. Like, just. Not the early she was THINKING about.

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I don’t have a library card- mind if I check you out instead?

Okay just woke up from a very refreshing nap- better than I’ve had in a while.

So basically, what did I accomplish today?

I went to tutor in the morning, for Eng Lang and that was nice. Haven’t had Eng Lang tutor for a while, so it was particularly enjoyable today. Heh.

Yeah and then, I went to watch Spideyman! Cos it was a friend’s birthday and stuff. It was a good movie, as good as what you’d expect a Spiderman movie to be- but no good or better.

It was pretty shocking at the end- but then again. It’s not? Like I’m not surprised it happened. OKAY I’M GONNA CHANGE THE TOPIC NOW BEFORE I SPOIL THE MOVIE.

BUT ANYWAY, you should watch it if you haven’t. It’s not bad.

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I know chemistry, and you’ve got one significant figure.

Oh yeah. Best pickup line I’ve heard in a bit. 

I think I’m on like a blogging rampage. This always happens, and then I have days where I just don’t blog at all and all you see is a farting hippo :P ;)

Just feeling the… The SMOOTHNESS of this phone.  It feels so sexy.  Like fucking sexy as hell. You have no idea. It’s so smooth.

OH THIS STORY. Okay so. I believe I haven’t blogged about this? Okay so.  My dad, when he bought this plan. Was like, kay. Gotta pay $74 every month,  goddamnit. Then the guy was like. OH. We’re having this draw thing where you can like,  on Sunday, you could potentially WIN ANOTHER S5. And I waved it off,  I mean what are the chances right? Plus people are always trying to pull these sorts of things to get publicity and all that. So,  no chance,  I thought. Anyway,


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I was gonna make a joke about anal sex butt fuck it.

So not stolen off tumblr. Well, off the Facebook page FOR tumblr, because I don’t have a Tumblr. SHOCK HORROR WHAT SLIT YOUR WRISTS.

You know, my Methods teacher actually said that. I’m quoting her practically word for word: “you should just slit your wrists if you don’t know how to find the domain”. And ever since then, when she’s like. YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DRAW THIS GRAPH LABEL THIS BLAH MATRIX DETERMINANT BLAH, we’ve just been making shaking our heads at each other and going, “Time to slit dem wrists.”

Oh dear, that’s kind of sadistic actually. Shouldn’t do that. Should stop. Will stop. Next term.


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